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Our Services

CFO Services

CFO Services

We lead your accounting and finance department and provide oversight in the preparation of historical information and analysis, to better plan for future profitability. Our services include:

Accounting systems & controls review,

G/L selection & conversion,

Forecast and Budget Review,

Board Presentation

Banking and debt financing,

Risk management & Strategic planning,

Business Reorganization

Business Services

Business Services

We offer a wide range of consulting services to help you improve business operations, boost efficiency and increase the bottom line. We apply the 5P’s to your business; Plan, Prepare, Passion, Process, and Profit. The following are some of the services we provide: 

Business planning 

Accounting system set-up 

Accounting – Bookkeeping 

Reorganization of business 

Payroll services 

Internal Control Review 

SEC Consulting

SEC Consulting

 We are available to help you prepare or review any SEC filing, in conjunction with your SEC attorney. We can also help you to ensure you are filing the right document at the right time to achieve your business or capital goals. Our services include: 

Financial statement preparation 

Registration statement preparation 

Audit preparation 

Stock option valuation 

Reverse mergers 

Mergers and acquisitions  

Execution Effectiveness Solutions

Execution Effectiveness Solutions

We offer several high-impact solutions to turbocharge execution so your business can more consistently hit challenging goals and capitalize more effectively on aggressive opportunities for growth and profit.  Our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of your business so they have maximum impact on operating results and on the bottom line.  Our services include the following solutions:

Power90 is a structured quarterly workshop for top-teams that enhances their ability to execute effectively and achieve measurable 90-day priorities and plans

Power7 is a structured top-team weekly meeting rhythm that monitors weekly progress and ensures execution momentum is on track

Right-Seats Architecture enables you to systematically establish the optimal organization to maximize your results and achieve your business objectives

Right-People Scorecards ensure every position in your organization has someone in it who is i) highly competent, ii) a tight fit with your operating culture, and iii) crystal clear about their accountabilities

Right-Actions Engine builds and maintains a behavior-driven pathway that will eventually enable you to run your business on “autopilot” as every person learns to operates more effectively with less supervision

Surface-Examine-Resolve is a framework and set of best practices to suss out and resolve the biggest unaddressed issues that impede performance

Power7 Leadership Cascade is a coaching program for leaders across your organization that will enable them to build powerful execution muscles on their respective teams

Individual Execution Mastery is a coaching program tailored to individual leaders aimed at strengthening their ability to execute effectively

Biotechnology Consulting

Biotechnology Consulting

We advise Management & Stakeholders on:

Product Commercialization – Sales and Marketing 

Capital Formation and Structure

Introduction to Potential Board Members and C-Level Executives

Introduction to Distribution Network

Due Diligence on Target Companies


SEC Advisory Services

Incubate Early Stage Companies

CFO Services

Digital Presence

Tax Services

Tax Services

We treat each tax return/issue as if it was our own. Whether you are an individual, business or a publicly held company, our CPAs and Business Advisors can address the following: 

Federal taxation 

State and local taxation 

Sales and use taxation 

Property renditions 

Representation of clients before the IRS and various state taxing authorities 

Tax Planning

Our Team

Managing Director

SEC Compliance

Bradley L. Steere, Esq

Bradley L. Steere, Esq

Strategy & Technology


Candace Nepal

Candace Nepal

Marketing Director

Jyoti Hardat

Jyoti Hardat

International Tax

Tax Compliance

Stan Mandel

Ph.D., CPA, PE


Don’t just listen to us. Here's what people say about us!


  • The finance function of high growth companies often faces uniques stresses. Let’s face it, when the CFO is on the road 24/7 supporting capital raising activities, the core functions tend to get stressed.  PPMT augments the financial office freeing up resources to address critical growth requirements. Management can focus on essential projects with the comfort that PPMT has core functions professionally managed. 

  • Growth company finance departments are inevitably challenged by the demands of regulatory agencies.  Whether preparing for an IPO or working through a tax audit, PPMT routinely supports these tasks with experts in each regulatory area.

  • We provide a comprehensive set of pre and post transaction services for investors including due diligence support, budget planning, audit readiness, valuation, reporting and exit strategy planning.

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